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Marketing Communications

After you've completed a strategy exercise and are ready to go, what comes next?  Delawarde is ready to help you engage on key programs to support your strategy. Keep in mind that we are unique in combining direct Bluetech industry knowledge with marketing expertise.  This can be as simple as advisement on marcom services, full-on direct engagement into your customer-facing operations and everything in between.  Our team can either augment or become your marketing back and front ends with support for:

  • CRM/Marketing automation

  • Newsletters and webinars

  • Website design and tune up

  • Creative content development

  • Brochures and advertising

  • Illustrations and animations in 3D

  • Photography and video support

  • Social media management

  • Sales pipeline management

We understand all the nuances involved with marketing technical products to global markets in ocean, water, and environmental applications

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