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Mission and Vision:  Our mission is to provide professional strategic consulting services to technology-focused companies in the highly fragmented marine and water instrumentation industries.   Our vision is a thriving Bluetech industry that attracts the world's best talent , and combines great economic opportunity with environmental sustainability.

Experience Base: Chris Ward began his "blue" career as a NOAA Corps Commissioned Officer serving on the NOAA Ship RAINIER and in field/office assignments in Seattle, WA and Silver Spring, MD.  Later he became Sales & Marketing Director for SonTek – a leading manufacturer of acoustic Doppler current profilers and other ocean and water technologies – where he helped navigate the company through two mergers first with YSI and later with ITT.  Ultimately he transitioned to the  Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for the Analytics Growth center at Xylem, Inc. – a world-leading water technology company where he was responsible for over 15 global instrumentation brands. Chris has over 20 years’ experience working on the commercial side of BlueTech in the water and environmental technology arena as he applies his practical no-nonsense field experience to strategy development and business models for small and medium sized enterprises.

Global Reach:  A large part of our experience base is in international business development. We have worked around the globe in numerous capacities and understand the challenges and potential rewards.  By working with us, you can take advantage of our network, reduce risk, and develop the specific actions you need for success country by country.

About the Name:  "Delawarde" comes from "Richard the noble captain de la Warde" who was one of the Norman invaders accompanying William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  The "de la Warde" can be translated to  "of the guards" and is the origin of the "Ward" surname in England. Richard de la Warde is the 26th great grandfather of Principal Consultant Chris Ward.

SonTek, YSI, and Xylem are registered trademarks of Xylem Inc.

ITT is a registered trademark of ITT Corporation

Chris Ward - Principal Consultant

A former Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Xylem Analytics, Chris Ward brings with him over 30 years of commercial and practical experience in government, small private business, and large public corporations.

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