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Services offered Globally

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning doesn't have to be complex or overly burdensome.  We all have choices to make as to which opportunities to pursue, which products to drop, what regions to expand into.

Because we have walked the mile in your shoes we know how to right size this process to suit your needs - whether its a growth strategy, investment strategy, or ownership transition plan.

Subject Matter Expertise


We've been around the block and back again. If you need subject matter expertise in the field of analytical instrumentation as it relates to ocean, water, and hydrometeorological sensing you need to look no further.  Whether the issue is understanding the application, market conditions, or global distribution Delawarde can support your needs.

Market Studies


Let's face it, this is a highly fragmented and niche market with many small companies and there are no formalized industry organizations to track it. Fortunately with Delawarde's extensive experience and longevity in the business, we are able help you define, segment, and size the market you are in so that you can make the best strategic decisions possible.


Value Proposition Design


Good product management starts with proper segmentation, defining your target demographic,  and then ensuring your product or service captures value and leaves the competition in the dust-or better yet, has no competition.  Delawarde uses contemporary tool sets including canvas techniques to define sources of economic, social, and emotional value to be ensure your product development efforts are focused on real needs.


Due Diligence/M&A Support


Looking to sell or transition your company? Need to attract investment?  Delawarde Consulting can help!
​​Most investors want to see a crisp, well founded strategy with plenty of market space that speaks to your core strengths and Delawarde has the experience both from the buyer and seller perspectives.


Execution and Implementation


After you've completed a strategy exercise and are ready to go, what next?  Delawarde is ready to help you engage on key programs. This can be as simple as professional advisement or direct engagement in your customer-facing operations or marketing back-end.

Through our network of industry experts we can provide ongoing support in the areas of lean manufacturing, marcom, CRM/CPQ support.

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